Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reminder - 2 Things

It's nice to boil things down to the basics. So I often remind myself, and our grads, that Inbound Marketing is about only 2 things: 1. posting pieces on the Internet that go viral, and 2. perfecting the slippery-ness of your Sales Funnel.

Perfecting the Slippery-ness: on your author bio (which gives people a reason to click for your gift, your irresistible offer), on your Squeezepage, your Thank-You page, your email to new subscibers - on every Step of your Funnel - be slippery. Be irresistible.

How? By being about only one thing. That helps the reader quickly make a decision or have a gut response. Yes or no. The speed with which you can make your point and they can make a decision (and take action) defines your slippery-ness. The faster, the slippery-er.

The sooner you stop talking, the sooner they can do something. Less is more!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Write To Delight To Your Friends

When it's time to write the words of your Headline for your Squeezepage, and everything else on it, write to delight your friends. You'll unleash a fun and delight that is most engaging, infectious, contagious, enrolling and effective. And to the point.

The point is to delight. And the point is to make people feel great. We've seen , time and again, in class, when given the instruction to create a page only we in class will see, students create the most engaging, fun and effective pages.

Hence the lesson, "Write To Delight Your Friends." What a great way to go through life. Assume the world is your friend. Treat everyone like a friend. You are the first recipient. You are the first person who feels your friendliness and good intentions. And that feels good. The secondary result is that you miss no opportunity. You give the spark of friendship to everyone. Those with whom you can actually connect get ignited. You connect and have fun together.