Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

SEO Basics, Using Keywords In Your URL

Real or Rumor?

Using keywords in your URL benefits your SEO. Absolutely!

Adding keywords to your URL's is another perfect opportunity to send the message to the search engines to identify you. Very few sites take advantage of this little known strategy.

This doesn't mean that you have to go out and purchase a new domain name. For example, our company Freedom Builders has the URL http://www.freedombuildersinc.com/ and one of our main keywords is SEO Services. We are not going to go out and purchase the URL SEOServicesFreedomBuildersInc.com.

But what we can do is use keywords to name interior pages throughout the site.

Let's take a commonly used example. Most sites have an 'About Us' tab. Again, using our site as an example, the typical link to that page would be FreedomBuildersInc.com/aboutus

In order to optimize the URL, "about us" should be replaced with a keyword or keyword phrase. FreedomBuildersInc.com/seoservices.

There is 1 more step - In order for the search engines to properly read the keyword phrase, an underscore character must be used to separate words.

So the proper optimized URL would read www.FreedomBuildersInc.com/seo_services.

The one time you would not want to change the URL to a keyword enriched URL is if you've owned your site for a long time and you have a high number of backlinks linking to that page. Changing the URL creates a brand new page and you will lose the SEO juice if you change the URL.

That's why engaging an SEO firm at the beginning of your site design is so critical. Or at any critical redesign point. You can test your site's SEO Level by visiting http://www.freedombuildersinc.com/. You'll receive a 21-point SEO Guide telling you step by step all of the things your site needs to be fully optimized!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SEO Basics - Links - Inbound, Outbound or Both??

A critical element of search engine optimization is the use of links. Proper use of link structuring is the #1 way to drive your website onto page 1. Links are also the most "misunderstood" element of good SEO.

Did you know that it counts if your own webpages "endorse" each other?

The first step in creating links for SEO purposes is to be sure you have hundreds of internal links. A fully optimized site should have over 500 internal links for a simple 5 tab site. Now that's alot of links. These links should appear in your tabs, as anchored text links and links behind images.

Next, you need inbound links. These very important links are posted on other websites, preferable very popular websites. These sites, via backlinks, appear to the search engines to be endorsing your site. Kind of like some popularity is rubbing off on you from the popular kid, your site receives popularity 'link juice' from the backlinks to your site.

It is a misconception that having thousands of low ranking sites with backlinks will help you. While this may have been true several years ago, quality counts now. Fewer links on relevant, highly ranked sites is far more powerful than thousands of unpopular sites linking to you.

What about outbound links? There is only 1 reason to have outbound links and that is to link to sites that will give your site credit for 'new content', such as your blog, twitter account or RSS feed. Any other outbound links are simply giving away your 'link juice' to someone else.

Links are endorsements. Make them count with endorsements from within your site and backlinks from highly ranked, relevant sites. And don't forget to link your social media sites so the spiders can grab that fresh content!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Atlanta SEO Company Takes New Client to Page 1 in Just 3 Weeks

Freedom Builders Takes on New Client May 19th and by June 15th they are listed on Google on page 1 for 7 major keyword phrases!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

SEO Basics - How To Write Proper Title Tags

In the past month we've reviewed over 300 websites.

We've seen all sorts of SEO errors and ALL of them.
This first mistake is that none of the title tags are written correctly.

Let's use our industry as the example. We are an Atlanta SEO Company.

Even our competition, other professional SEO Services websites do not
have their title tags in the proper format.

May of the title tags we reviewed looked like this:

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Firm - Atlanta-Based Company

Error #1: For title tags, you cannot use a "dash" in between keywords.
A proper title tag would have a "", a single vertical line symbol separating the keywords.

Error #2: It is far more difficult to optimize a site nationwide. You should begin by
optimizing it in your city. In our example above, the keyword phrase "Atlanta-Based
Company" is used. However within that phrase there is no keyword.

An example of a proper keyword phrase that will pick up both the keyword and the
city within that phrase would be "Search Engine Optimization Atlanta". Another
proper keyword would be "SEO Firm Atlanta".

Now that you understand the best way to achieve page 1 organic listings in your
industry and your geographic location, let's write the title tag using the proper format:

Search Engine Optimization Atlanta SEO Firm Atlanta

Then as the 3d phrase you can put the name of your company (for the homepage) or the
name of the page for interior pages. A proper complete title tag would look like this:

Search Engine Optimization Atlanta SEO Firm Atlanta Freedom Builders

To Run A 21-Point Analysis on your website, visit www.FreedomBuildersInc.com
and find out how well your site is currently optimized now!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Atlanta SEO Company Shares Top 3 SEO Secrets

Did you know that things are changing on the internet even faster than they began?

Google Maps was the first trend. And the best part is it's free. But did you know that
only 5% of all traffic comes from these difficult to work with free listings?

The latest trend was Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Pay some money on your link is
up at the top of page 1. It's costly and only 25%.

With the rise in social media, people are not believing paid ads. They want to see
a company appearing organically on page 1 because it is truly good at what it claims.

There are 3 SEO Secrets That Will Get Your Website Listed on Page 1 Organically (free):

1. Clicks -- The amount of clicks that come to your site each day
2. Content -- Having fresh, relevant content on your site
3. Connectivity -- How many powerful, popular sites are connecting to your site.

Once you have the 3 C's of SEO in Place, You'll Soon Be Listing on Page 1 and be
raking in 70% of all the traffic!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What's The Most Effective Marketing Message?

A question. Questions hook the mind. (Thank you, Harv Eker.)

Do you want to "hook" your market? Do you want them to contact you?

Then ask a question.

What's the second most powerful function of a question? It causes your brain to answer it. (Thank you, Tony Robbins.)

So - ask yourself, and ask your prospects and customers, questions you want them to answer. Help them picture nice places to go in their minds.

But first know that your mind is this powerful. That all minds are this powerful. Our imaginations are as limitless as we say they are.

By Bruce Towers