Thursday, June 3, 2010

Atlanta SEO Company Shares Top 3 SEO Secrets

Did you know that things are changing on the internet even faster than they began?

Google Maps was the first trend. And the best part is it's free. But did you know that
only 5% of all traffic comes from these difficult to work with free listings?

The latest trend was Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Pay some money on your link is
up at the top of page 1. It's costly and only 25%.

With the rise in social media, people are not believing paid ads. They want to see
a company appearing organically on page 1 because it is truly good at what it claims.

There are 3 SEO Secrets That Will Get Your Website Listed on Page 1 Organically (free):

1. Clicks -- The amount of clicks that come to your site each day
2. Content -- Having fresh, relevant content on your site
3. Connectivity -- How many powerful, popular sites are connecting to your site.

Once you have the 3 C's of SEO in Place, You'll Soon Be Listing on Page 1 and be
raking in 70% of all the traffic!


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